Charter flights that allow more flexibility.


Our private charter flights help you avoid the multiple hassles of commercial travel, including missed connections, long security lines, delayed or canceled flights, and inconvenient schedules. There are over 5000 public airports in the United States suitable for charter aircraft compared to around 300 commercial airports. Charter flights take you point-to-point and closer to your destination allowing you more flexibility.



Enjoy the freedom of private flying without lines, layovers, or baggage claim. Personal or business aircraft charter is the most direct route to your destination, letting you fly in comfort and convenience. We operate on your schedule to offer considerable flexibility.

  • Highly trained, professional pilots
  • Flexible, convenient, reliable
  • Passenger
  • Cargo
  • Hazmat
Air Flair plane
three airplanes in hangar


Customer Cancellation

(Includes rescheduling a trip to a different day)

  • More than 24 hours in advance – $200
  • Less than 24 hours in advance – $400
  • No notice – 1/2 the price of the trip


On Call

If a customer wants to reserve an airplane, credit card information will be taken to secure the trip. Charges will be applied at the time of cancellation or the completion of the trip. Airplanes are not reserved for tentative trips.

Pilot Fees

The pilot’s time associated with each charter flight will be charged at the applicable rates for each pilot. For overnight trips, pilot service ends at 6pm and begins at 7am

Misc. Charges

All landing, hanger, handling fees, or any other expenses necessary in relating to the flight will be billed to the customer. Additional charges may apply for extra mileage due to weather or ATC delays.

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425 Cabin Layout
Bravo Interior
Bravo Cabin Layout
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AirFlair has offered aircraft charter for over 30 years . Our charter pilots hold Airline Transport Pilot Certificates, the highest certification and have logged over 46,000 flight hours. At AirFlair, we maintain a current FAA Part 135 certificate for passenger, cargo, and hazmat.


Our fleet contains pressurized cabin class aircraft, typically operated single pilot or two pilots if needed.


National Business Aviation Association

The National Business Aviation Association seeks to support the business aviation industry. The NBAA provides products and resources to the aviation community to make help make their businesses more efficient, productive and successful. The organization provides useful information for anyone involved in the aircraft industry including aircraft charter.

For more information about the NBAA and aircraft charter, visit

For more information about general aviation airports, view the NBAA Fact Book